Our Approach

We specialize investing in Real Estate through acquisition of existing multifamily, townhouses and condominiums.

We expect future benefits as an investment in the form of a positive return. The return may consist of capital gain and/or investment income, including dividends, interest, rental income etc.

Investing and Aquisition

Hofam Group investment and acquisition unit specializes in deal closings on properties after using both internal structures and external research reports to develop sound analyses.

Asset Management

Hofam Group asset management team are real estate investors themselves with years of experiences and so they believe in the maintenance of holding and managing properties with a long term strategy in mind. The team has managed different properties from; single family to high-end multiple family properties.


Hofam Group leasing team have done multiple real estate leasing transactions for years. The team has different experiences, from different backgrounds. The leasing team focuses on the owners and tenants, making the leasing transaction as smooth and painless.


Henry A. Obeng

Founder and Ceo

Amma A. Obeng

Co-Founder and CEO of Hofam Apartments



Lance Gordon

Property Manager and Reals Estate Agent
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